Scope of Services

scope of services

 Scope of Services

In the design professionals industry, a scope of services sets out precisely what services a design professional will be performing on a particular project.

A scope of services may be a  particular document, drafted for a particular project, or may be prepared based on standard pro-forma documents available from professional organizations such as the AIA or ACEC.

A scope of services may include:

  • Listing the full range of services that may be provided and then items are struck through if they are not being provided within the fee.
  • Include a list specifically setting out services that will not be provided.
  • Provide options, to ‘carry out’ services or to ‘organise’ them; to provide consultancy services or not, etc.

In the latest series of educational videos from ae ProNet, Laurie Randolph, Esq., discusses that the best defense for a design professional is a written contract that includes a clear, concise scope of services. It should be a “meeting of the minds” of both the professional and the client about what specific services will be provided by the professional and by the client. She illustrates by examples good scope of services.

Please click HERE to view Laurie’s video.

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