Sub Consultants – Tips for Working with Them

Sub Consultants – Tips for Working with Them

It is common practice in the industry to work with sub consultants on projects. There are some areas to be aware of when working with other design professionals.

First, and probably the most important tool, is having a contract with other design professionals. Although in many circumstances, other design professionals are trusted, it is vital to have contracts with sub consultants as well. Projects do not always move forward as anticipated so having a good contract between firms will help at the time of a claim. Additionally, the contract will provide a clear scope of services for each firm.

Requiring the same insurance policies and limits that your firm is required to carry on the master agreement is a good best practice. The master agreement may have this requirement already for sub consultants. If it does not say in a master agreement or there is not a master agreement per se, it is always a good practice to require the same insurance as your firm is required to have. The only case that this may not apply is, with regards to, workers compensation for states that do not require owners to have a policy for themselves. In that case, your firm can get a letter from the sub consultant to clarify the state requirement.

Having the same or similar quality control measures with sub consultants. The sub consultants are assisting your firm but can also be a reflection of your firms practice. Having quality control within each firm will help to move the project forward in a positive fashion and with a resulting is a successful project.

Choosing sub consultants that your firm is familiar with and has worked on the same type of project previously is also key. If the sub consultant is new to working with your firm, research the firm to find out more information. Also, be sure to choose sub consultants that have worked similar types of projects.

If you have any questions about tips with sub consultants for your architect/engineer firm please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.sub consultants

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