Super Bowl Short-Term Home Rental Insurance

super bowl

Super Bowl Short-Term Home Rental Insurance

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES vs. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS is really all that one really cares about when you make the decision to take a trip to Minnesota for the Big Game on February 4th.  However, those homeowner’s that are putting up their home’s for rent need to take a serious look at the consequences at hand.  You don’t know the person you’re trusting your home to.  They could be the sit down, watch the game kind of fan OR they can be the rowdy, yell at the TV fan OR they could have friends join them that love a good party.  Nonetheless, Homeowners need to protect themselves!

What happens if there’s damage to my property?  Or to my neighbor’s property? What happens if someone is injured while renting my home?

Click HERE for needed answers and information on how you can make sure you protect yourself.  Enjoy the game!


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