This past year has created new obstacles and hurdles in nearly every facet of life, the legal world being no exception. When the pandemic hit, we were forced, over night, to rearrange and readjust our schedules and daily routines. The legal world was forced to rediscover the legal process and how it could fairly be handled during the unprecedented times.

“Like everyone else in America, COVID-19 brought our world to a screeching halt last March. For litigators, it instantly meant that all Courts were closed, deadlines were postponed, and trials were impossible. Instead of juggling schedules between court appearances, depositions, mediations and trials, we were initially at home telecommuting and discovering creative alternatives how to handle the new covid challenges the pandemic created. How do you litigate your client’s case when you can’t see anyone in person or go to court? Gradually, we adjusted and learned to solve this problem in a variety of new ways.” – Terry McShane and Brian McIlhargie

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  • With Courts closed in DC, Maryland and Virginia, civil jury trials became impossible for the foreseeable future.
  • Delays usually resulted in additional discovery, additional motions or opportunities for settlement negotiations.
  • During the past year, the courts and the bar have adjusted and managed to push through these challenges.