What is provided on a Management Liability Policy?

Management Liability offers you the power to choose the right mix of executive and business liability coverages to protect the assets of private companies and nonprofit organizations the personal assets of directors, management, and employees from a myriad of potential liability exposures or fraud/embezzlement, and the resulting financial consequences. With a wide array of options and limits, you can quickly and effectively respond to your changing risk profiles, including coverage parts, limits of liability, retentions, and an array of enhancements.

management liability

What type of coverages are available on a Management Liability policy?

– Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)

Protects privately owned companies, their directors and officers, from claims brought against them by investors, customers, suppliers, competitors, and the government.


– Employment practices liability insurance (EPL)

Protects against the financial damage of claims brought by employees and third parties for wrongful employment acts based on discrimination, workplace hostility, defamation or humiliation, and more.


– Fiduciary liability insurance

Protects the company, employees and fiduciaries who design, administer, and manage pension, health and welfare, employee stock ownership, and employee benefit plans alleged to have breached their fiduciary duty.


– Kidnap/ransom and extortion insurance

Protects against loss of assets arising from kidnapping and extortion where personal harm or destruction of products or property are threatened.


– Cyber privacy and security insurance

Protects the company from liability and other expenses related to the loss of confidential personal information.


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