Adding a New Driver To Your Personal Auto Policy

adding a new driver

Adding a New Driver To Your Personal Auto Policy

Safe driving habits are always in season — especially when there’s a new driver on the road. When it’s time to add a teen driver to your auto insurance policy, consider Hanover deductible options and review the protection they offer to help keep everyone safe.

Hanover SafeTeen Program

Hanover SafeTeen is a group of programs that educate a new teen driver and help give parents peace of mind while their teens are on the road. Both parents and their new driver can benefit from the safety, education, rewards and savings Hanover SafeTeen offers for responsible driving

Educate with Hanover’s teen driver safety course

This driving safety course is designed to help inexperienced drivers improve their driving skills and is proven to help reduce accidents by up to 30 percent once completed.

Plus, as long as your teen successfully completes the program, you enjoy the benefits of a discount on your auto policy.

Coach with Hanover’s teen driver mobile app

This app tracks a teen’s driving habits and provides an overall score based on distracted driving, speed, hard braking and more.

With helpful tips on how to improve scores, Amazon rewards for safe driving behaviors and a discount on your Hanover auto policy, your teen will be on the right path in no time.

Protect with Hanover’s safe teen deductible option

When the Hanover SafeTeen deductible is added to vehicles that aren’t usually driven by a teen, you can save money and protect your vehicles.

With a discount on the parent’s policy, teens get one more reason to drive their car and not yours. The choice is yours.

Looking for more ways to save?

Hanover has been helping parents of teen drivers save money on their policy for a long time, with their good student away discount and our student away from home discount for your drivers off at college.

Plus, with the Hanover Family Discount, you can save even more on your policy when your youthful driver leaves your policy and gets their own account with The Hanover.

You can find out more details here.

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