What is Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Any organizations, whether public, private, or nonprofit, and the people who lead them, are vulnerable to a multitude of Directors & Officers exposures. These exposures may include securities litigation, regulatory actions allegations of misrepresentation, and breaches of fiduciary.

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Directors & Officers Liability insurance is designed to protect the people who serve as directors or officers of a company from personal losses if they are sued by the organization’s employees, vendors, customers, or other parties. Directors & Officers Liability insurance can cover defense costs, settlements and other costs associated with wrongful act allegations and lawsuits. Directors & Officers insurance is an important aspect of a corporate risk management strategy and can help your company attract and retain qualified executives and board members.

All businesses, including private companies, public companies, and financial institutions with a board of directors should have Directors & Officers liability insurance coverage. Claims against companies and their directors and officers are increasingly common.

If your business works with vendors or government entities, or has employees or customers, you may have exposure that could make your organization and its executives vulnerable to costly legal action.

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