Advantages of an Agency Over Online Insurance

Advantages of an Agency Over Online Insurance

We are inundated with commercials claiming you can save on your insurance costs by entering some information into a website. Some online carriers may be providing coverage at lower premium costs, but are you really getting the coverage and service that you need?

Purchasing your insurance policies through an independent agent may be giving you more than you realize. Not only are you given access to the agents years of experience and insurance knowledge, an agent can provide quotes from multiple companies to ensure you are receiving the best coverage at the most competitive premium rates.

Online Insurance Along with your insurance coverage, an independent agent can also provide you with:


  •   Coverage reviews annually to ensure proper coverage
  •   Shop the market for the best pricing
  •   One-stop shopping, ie home, auto, commercial, etc
  •   Inside knowledge of your business and its personal needs
  •  Assistance with claims
  •  One on one courteous and friendly service


When contacting an independent agent instead of an online national call center, you are making sure you and your business aren’t just a number, but a valued client. No matter the reason, your independent agent is your first contact to assist you with all your insurance policy matters. No run around with 800 numbers and prompts only to be connected to someone who has no knowledge of your company or insurance needs.

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