Design Professionals duties in the event of a claim

Get your free consultationWhat are Design Professionals duties in the event of a claim?

-First and most important – notify your carrier and/or agent.  Report the claim/circumstance as soon as you become aware of the situation.  With this the carrier will have claims representative contact you and potentially set up a local attorney to assist in the situation.

-Information to provide for the reported claim – the error or omission, dates and entities involved, possible claimants, professional services provided, how your firm became aware of claim/circumstance and potential damages.

-Provide documentation – your firm will be asked to provide documentation and any communication associated with the project.  Gather all of that information after the claim has been reported and have it ready to provide to the insurance carriers claims representative and/or the attorney assisting with the claim.

-Communication – If you know or hear of anything further on the claim be sure to let the claims representative and/or attorney know.  It is important that they are kept in the loop of anything further that transpires with the claim/circumstance.

-Deductible – If you have a deductible you may be asked to pay this to either the attorney or to the insurance carrier.  If you are not able to pay it all at once communicates that with the parties and they may be able to set up a payment plan for your firm.

As always if you ever have any questions your PUI Agent to help you out.  Please call or email with questions.

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