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a/e ProNet is a network of independent insurance brokers specializing in the professional liability insurance and risk management needs of design professionals.

Why should I use a specialist insurance broker?

Founded in 1988, the original core goals of a/e ProNet remain the same today:

  • To provide an independent source of insurance information and risk management resources for the design industry;
  • To strengthen communication between its members and vetted professional liability insurance companies;
  • To give invited members an internal resource-sharing network to enhance their individual practices;
  • To promote professionalism and excellence among its members

Membership in a/e ProNet is by invitation only. Today, our organization includes 37 member brokerages across the country. As independent brokers, our members are not restricted by quotas or obligations to any one insurance company. Instead, we are free to represent the best interests of our clients.

At our twice-annual meetings, our members dialogue with representatives from many of the top tier professional liability insurance companies. This active relationship keeps us up-to-date on industry climate and trends. As well, our combined years of experience and books of business give us a valuable platform from which to influence change on behalf of our clients.

Over the years, we have built an extensive library of relevant newsletters and whitepapers, including ProNetwork Newsa/e ProNet Practice Notes, Guest Essays, and Contract Concerns. Our members give their clients early access to these materials as they are published. We are also proud to sponsor a pair of scholarships for future architects and engineers, in partnership with the AIA and the ACEC.

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