Claims Reporting for Architects/Engineers

Claims Reporting for Architects/Engineers

When it comes to claims reporting the most important factor is to report it to your insurance company or agent as soon as possible and provide all of the information your firm has at the time you receive the claim. Include the contact person for the claim submitted.

Professional Liability

For architects/engineers reporting claims in a timely manner to the insurance company is extremely important. The policy is a claims-made and reporting policy. The policy applies to those claims that are first made to the insurance company and reported in writing. A claim on a Professional Liability policy is a demand for money or services arising out of a wrongful act. Even if the demand is a verbal demand this is still considered a demand. If your firm does receive a demand send this to the insurance company right away. The insurance company will set your claim up with a claims representative. The claims representative will request additional documentation such as the contract and project correspondence. The claims representative will then determine a local attorney to help assist in the claim.

General Liability

General Liability works similar to the Professional Liability policy in that the claim will need to be reported as soon as possible. However, the general liability is not a claims made policy so depending on the date of the claim the insurance company or policy date that the claim is reported to may be different that the current policy in place. The insurance company will begin with a claims representative and a report will be requested as to the events of the claim. Again, if there is any documentation that your firm has received that will be requested as well.

Workers Compensation

As soon as your firm has a work related injury be sure to get the employee the medical help needed. The claim can be reported after the employees injuries are attended to since injuries can be urgent. The insurance company will require the name and date of birth of the employee that was injured. In addition, they will request the events that led up to the injury and details of the injury itself.

Every type of policy has a claims reporting requirement, the type of policy will determine how the claims is reported. If you have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriter reporting

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