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Construction Sites During Covid-19

Construction Sites During Covid-19 KEEPING AN EYE ON THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION SITE VISITS DURING COVID-19 COVID-19 as well as the volatile economic market has affected the design and construction industry as a whole and may have affected your professional…

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Fiduciary Liability vs. ERISA

Fiduciary Liability vs. ERISA If you have and Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) or a 401K plan for your employees you probably also have an ERISA bond.  This type of fidelity bond is required and you are to carry 10%…

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Architect/Engineer Pro Bono Services

Providing  Pro Bono Services  Whether or not professional services are provided for a fee or on a complimentary basis, the professional liability risks are the same. Professional liability insurance coverage is also the same, even though no premium is calculated…

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