Common endorsements on a business owner policy

Common endorsements on an architects/engineer’s business owner policy-

There are several endorsements that are available on a business owner policy, these are some of the more common endorsements for architects and engineers.

Blanket additional insured endorsement.  This provides the additional insured language that is commonly required on certificates of insurance.  Some of the policy wording will read as follows:

The following is added to SECTION II – WHO IS AN INSURED:

Any person or organization that you agree in a “written contract requiring insurance” to include as an additional insured on this Coverage Part, but:

  1. Only with respect to liability for “bodily injury”, “property damage” or “personal injury”; and
  2. If, and only to the extent that, the injury or damage is caused by acts or omissions of you or your subcontractor in the performance of “your work” to which the “written contract requiring insurance” applies, or in connection with premises owned by or rented to you.

Hired and non-owned automobile liability is another common endorsement.  Here is some sample policy wording for this endorsement:

If a premium charge is shown in the SCHEDULE above, the insurance provided under Section I- Coverage A – Bodily Injury And Property Damage Liability applies to “bodily injury” and “property damage” arising out of the maintenance or use of a “hired auto” or “nonowned auto”. Maintenance or use of a “nonowned auto” includes test driving in connection with an “auto business”.

The per project aggregate is also comes up for architects and engineers.  The endorsement will state the following:

Designated Projects:

Each “project” for which you have agreed, in a written contract which is in effect during this policy period, to provide a separate General Aggregate Limit, provided that the contract is signed by you before the “bodily injury” or “property damage” occurs.

There are many endorsements available on a business owner policy. If your firm has a request for a specific endorsement, please be sure to call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.common endorsements

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