Sailing the High C’s:  Contracts, Communication, Coordination

Join Cindy King from our Colorado office on April 6th for a very informational seminar!

PLEASE RSVP BY THURSDAY, MARCH 30th at cking@profunderwriters.com

It’s true that “smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.” For design firms in Colorado, most projects make it to port just fine, while others spring leaks. Why? Nobody goes into a project expecting a claim, but when disputes arise there are usually ways to calm the storm, either by riding the waves or building bridges over troubled waters. Lessons learned by designers consistently refer back to the “High C’s.” Contracts, Communication and Coordination. Though they are fundamental principles, today  the  High C’s matter more than ever.

Please join  us for  a practical  and  engaging presentation by legal and insurance specialists geared to architects  and engineers. We will offer  advice on how  to  navigate  through  the  choppy   waters  of projects and claims, doing great work while keeping an eye out for risk.


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