Common Endorsements Requested by Architects and Engineers

insuredCommon Endorsements Requested by Architects and Engineers

When referring to the endorsements in this list it will be on the Professional Liability, Business Owner, and Workers Compensation Policies.  The requests are sometimes by the design firm but more commonly clients are asking for the endorsements.

For the client to be additional insured:

The additional insured language can be accomplished on the General Liability policy (part of the Business Owner Policy).  Many times this language is already included in the policy (blanket endorsement) but there may be occasions that your client may want to be listed as an additional insured specifically in the policy.  The additional insured language cannot be on the Professional Liability and Workers Compensation policies.

Primary and non-contributory:

This language, again, can be on the General Liability policy but not the Workers Compensation or Professional Liability policies.  This language tends to go hand in hand with the additional insured language.  In many cases this may not need to be endorsed but it is always best to check with your insurance company.

Waiver of subrogation in favor of your client:

The waiver of subrogation is most common on the Workers Compensation and, in most cases, will need to be endorsed on the policy.  There are blanket waivers of subrogation available, but this will depend on the insurance company.  Waiver of subrogation, in many situations, can also be on the General Liability and Professional Liability.  Many times those are automatically included in the policies and do not need to be endorsed.

30 days notification of cancellation for your client:

This can be added to all three policies referenced above.  It will need to be endorsed for each client.  Many times clients ask for 30 days notice of modifications of the policies and the insurance companies are not able to endorse for the modification, just for notice of cancellation.

There are many endorsement requests and in most cases they can be fulfilled but if you do have questions please call or email your PUI Agent.

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