Thanksgiving Day Claims

Thanksgiving Day Claimsthanksgiving day claims

Did you know that cooking-related home insurance claims more than double on Thanksgiving Day?  Well – you do now!  It’s makes complete sense with all the cooking, baking and frying done to prepare the grand feast for this day.  You will be busy, you will get preoccupied with visiting family.  Just remember to never completely leave the stove top unattended – boil overs do happen….YIKES!  And if you plan to deep fry your turkey this year, here’s a few safety tips to consider.  (CLICK HERE)

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most traveled by car, so be on ‘antler look-out’ as you make your voyage for that pumpkin pie.  The deer mating season is typically in November which contributes to this factor.  Drivers should be on high alert to avoid a deer-vehicle encounter!

Although the most common thought about Thanksgiving Day claims are from cooking or travel, be aware that a lot of thefts occur during this joyous time of year too.  Don’t alert criminals on social media about your travel plans.  You can brag about your wonderful trip after you return. And set timers for your lights so the house appears lived in while you’re gone.

Avoid starting the dishwasher as you run out the door.  You don’t want to come home a week later to a flooded kitchen and a water claim to file!

Hope you have a happy and claims-free Thanksgiving!


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