Declarations Page of a Professional Liability policy

declarations pageWhat is the declarations page of an architects and engineers Professional Liability policy for?

The declarations pages, also known as ‘dec page’, are basically the first few pages of your Professional Liability policy.  These first few pages are very important because they include essential information on your firm and the coverage’s that your firm has with the insurance company.

The first piece of information that the dec pages include is your firms name (Named insured) and address.  Be sure your firm name is correct; this is how your firm will be covered under the policy.  Additionally, make sure your contracts match policy for your coverage.  Also included is your firms address, this is how the insurance company may contact your firm.

The policy period is also on the dec pages.  This is the effective dates of the policy.  If it a multi year policy be sure that is reflected in the policy period.

The dec page will include the limits of liability, deductible and deductible option.  These are very important to make sure they are correct so that at time of the claim these are the limits and deductible your firm will be covered for.

The retroactive date is on the dec pages.  This is either the inception date of your firm, inception date on the policy or it will read that it is ‘full prior acts’.  Again, very important information to make sure it is accurate so that at the time of the claim your firm is covered properly.

Other important items included on the dec pages are the policy period, optional extended reporting period options and additional endorsements that the insurance company may include in the policy.

Please be sure to review your policy carefully on these items.  Please call or email your PUI Agent with questions.

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