Insurance Requirements and Certificates of Insurance

insurance requirements


Insurance Requirements and Certificates of Insurance

Everyday Design Professionals are faced with decisions on how to properly execute a contract negotiation and everyday we receive an email regarding these negotiations.

More often than not, we are asked about our clients insurance requirements and to provide a certificate of insurance. We send the certificate and review the insurance requirements and the owner is often satisfied with the material we send and project continues.

What we do not see very often is a request for the copy of the current policy of the insured. This is now becoming a requirement from many owners and others involved in the contract.

There are several reasons for this, one reason being the certificate of insurance is only as valid as of the date that it is issued. Another reason is that the insurance certificate does not always include all of the endorsements that have been issued along with the policy.

We are now encouraging our clients to request copies of all endorsements and in some instances, an copy of the actual policy that is in force. It is important that these policies are reviewed, in detail, by someone who has knowledge about the coverage.

At Professional Underwriters, Inc., it is our privilege to review all contracts, certificates and policies on behalf of our clients. We will offer our advice and help to facilitate any necessary changes to the coverage.

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