Denver, Colorado ranked #1 place to live by US News & World Report

Denver, Colorado ranked the #1 place to live by US News & World Report.  If you are from Colorado or currently live here this is not difficult to believe.  Denver has fairly mild winters, four seasons and a plethora of activities available within a short drive or walk.  The economy in Denver is doing well and more and more people are moving here.  With that comes more building in Denver and the metro area.  This is great news for our A/E firms in the Denver metropolitan area and Colorado.

There are a few areas that are important to be wary of for our A/E firms when there is a large amount of building happening in the area.  Be sure your firm is signing good contracts, not a lopsided contract.  If you are unsure on the contract be sure to have your insurance carrier review for insurability and your attorney for legal issues.  Make sure you are double checking your designs to avoid errors or omissions, sometime when we get busy this is something that gets overlooked.  Choose contracts you are familiar with and have design experience with.  Be sure the developer or owner your firm is working with has a good reputation or your firm has worked with them previously.  The same can be said for sub consultants your firm works with, be sure you are comfortable with their quality of work.  Also, verify that your sub consultants have the same limits of liability on insurance that you are required to carry on the contract.  Last but not least be sure to check with your agent to make sure there is not any exclusion on the project types that you are designing.


As always, if you ever have any questions please be sure to contact your PUI agent.

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