Drones – Should Architects/Engineers Use Them?


Drones – Should Architects/Engineers Use Them?

Aren’t drones just a toy?

Not anymore, they are no longer toys—they are true drone aircraft in the FAA’s eyes and cannot be flown without a certificate of authorization or special airworthiness certificate.

Until now, the FAA has been distinguishing model aircraft from small drones (or small unmanned aerial systems, to use the FAA’s preferred terminology) according to whether they are flown for recreation or for commercial purposes.

As of this past year, you now need a license approved by the FAA to pilot any size of unmanned aircraft.

There is a growing interest and demand for design professionals to use drones for their projects.

Surveying specialists have already been using drones to help take measurements for the past few years.

The answer is a resounding, yes. There is already a high demand for design professionals, especially engineers, to utilize unmanned aircraft during the design phase.

But should the designers themselves become licensed by the FAA to pilot the drones?

Frank Musica from Victor O. Schinnerer has shared his thoughts in and interesting article that can be found on A/E ProNet’s website HERE

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