Do Hackers Pose a Threat to Design Firms?



Do Hackers Pose a Threat to Design Firms?

When most people picture a target for hackers, a design firm is usually not at the top of the list. Most often people picture a bank or law firm or doctors office as the most vulnerable businesses at risk of falling victim to hackers. But design firms are just as likely to be hacked as these other businesses due to the highly sensitive information often kept on their servers and personal computers.

Professional Liability carrier Victor O. Schinnerer urges design professionals to Take Cyber Liability Exposures Seriously in a recent blog post:

Cyber liability problems that have disrupted firm operations often are based on one of three vectors:

— insiders who are dissatisfied or recognize their ability to tap firm assets and use that access for harm or personal profit;

— past employees who either take digital assets with them or to enact revenge against their former employers corrupt firm systems and information; and

— hackers who know that confidential project data is vulnerable and hold digital information hostage until a ransom is paid.


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