Does a Design Professional need General Liability in addition to Professional Liability?

Design ProfessionalDoes a Design Professionals need General Liability?  There are several reasons and scenarios that a Design Professional would need a General Liability policy.

First and foremost, is if there is a contract requirement your firm to carry General Liability policy in addition to your Professional Liability policy.   The limits of liability may depend on the contract requirement but most common limits are $1,000,000 per claim and $2,000,000 aggregate and $2,000,000 per claim and $4,000,000 aggregate.

Second scenario for your firm to have a General Liability policy is if you are under a lease for your office space.  Landlords will require the General Liability coverage when you start a lease with them or even if you are under a sub-lease.  This not only protects your firm but they may have your carrier list them as an additional insured to project their company.  This is a very common requirement for a lease and the amount again will depend on the lease agreement.

Overall it is just a good idea to protect your firm with a General Liability policy (aka, trips and falls).  This does not cover for design errors or omissions but it does cover for liability outside of and error or omission and workers compensation.  While claims don’t often occur for Design Professionals with General Liability, for a fairly inexpensive premium it is worth having the coverage.

Additionally, if the policy is a Business Owner policy, that includes General Liability, hired and non-owned automobile liability and business personal property coverage, it gives another layer of protection for your firm.  Again, the hired and non-owned auto liability coverage may be required by contract.

As always if you ever have any questions your PUI Agent is here to help you out.  Please call or email with questions or if you would like a free quote to find out what General Liability or a Business Owner Policy would cost for your firm.

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