Drones in Commercial Use

Technology is continually changing the way design firms provide services to their clients. One of the advancements that has had an immediate impact on the industry is the commercial use of drones. Due to the massive increase in commercial drone usage, the FAA has created specific guidelines which need to be met and stringently observed before and during the operation of a drone for commercial purposes. It is incredibly important that operators and companies be aware of the operational guidelines administered by the FAA in order to avoid severe fines (and possibly jail time!)

Something businesses and operators also need to keep in mind is the insurance required for drone use. Primarily, general liability will be the largest exposure companies have when operating a drone (for injuries to others or property damage to others sustained in the operation of a drone). Many insurance companies are introducing new products to provide coverage for these circumstances. Currently, it is more difficult to acquire physical damage coverage for the equipment used although certain companies are starting to consider how to create coverages for this emerging industry. Another thing to consider is claims from individuals whose privacy may be violated in the operation and use of a drone, especially if the flight is recorded instead of streamed real-time. Since there are so many exposures (which are entirely circumstantial depending on the services being provided) it’s best to speak with your insurance representative if you plan to utilize drones in the operation of your business so you can work together to ensure you are fully covered.

More information regarding the FAA requirements can be found here: