Online Cyber Risk Index

Online Cyber RiskChubb Insurance Group has used their 20 years of commercial insurance cyber claims data to create an online cyber risk index which shows the threat for cyber losses for companies based on their size and the industry. You may access this online Chubb Cyber Index with no charge.

In 2009, Chubb’s insurance records show that the highest percentage of cyber losses for companies under $10,000,000 was caused by ‘hacking’, in 2015 the highest percentage still went to ‘hacking’.  The percentage of insurance claims from 2009 to 2015 for companies under $10,000,000 increased by 180%.  The top ‘actors’ in these insurance claims came from an ‘external’ source and increased from 60% in 2009 to 71% in 2015.

As Bill Stewart, commercial insurance division president of Chubb’s Global Cyber Risk practice, so rightly stated “The first step to protecting a business from a cyber attack is staying aware of what threats are most prominent to a company’s size and industry. Our Cyber Index will help users to better understand their exposures and manage risk before a cyber incident occurs.” This is where your commercial insurance agent comes in, we are keeping our eyes and ears open for any and all information that will help us help you prevent cyber insurance losses that could devastate your financial stability. Contact us for additional information on Cyber Risk Management for your firm.