2018 Risk Management Seminar Denver

2018 Risk Management Seminar for Architects and Engineers – Denver, CO


Thank you to all who attended, it was a successful program. Also, thank you to the presenters Benton Barton with Hall and Evans and Barb Sable with RLI Insurance Company. The seminar was filled with valuable information and risk management tools.

Topics discussed at the seminar were:

Claims 101 – is there ‘damage’, was there wrongful conduct and did the wrongful act cause damage.

Standard of care – how is it determined and who gets to define the standard of care.

What are some of the traps with projects? – Unrealistic expectations, long hours and low margins and bad contract terms.

Red flags for design professionals – questionable partners, outer limits of skills and legal compliance.

Is a project a go or a no go? – A matrix was presented to determine what are the potential risks associated with a project. If your firm decides to move forward with the project what are those risks involved.

Lessons learned – Now that the claim is settled what did your firm learned from the claim. What changes does your firm intend to make in light of the past errors and omissions involved with the claim.

Claims trends – accessibility (ADA, FHA), ‘active shooter’, commissioning and cyber were the trends presented.

Pursuit and documentation – under promise/over deliver certification and warranties conflicting terms (multiple contracts).

Good documentation for a project – well defined scope of services, fair dispute resolution terms, limitation of damages (except residential) no consequential damages and statute of limitation accrual.

Thank you again to all that made this a fantastic presentation. We look forward to future seminars. If any question came up after the seminar, please fee free to call our email our office to help out with those questions.Seminar Pic 1

Seminar Pic 3

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