Parts of the Workers Compensation policy for Design Professionals

workers compensationParts of the Workers Compensation policy for Design Professionals.  There are six parts to a Workers Compensation policy, the list below details those components of the policy.

Part one – pays for bodily injury by accident or disease.  The incident must occur during the policy period.  The policy will be benefits as prescribed by the state law.  Additionally the insurer will provide a defense.  Some exclusions to part one are violation of the law, facility to comply with a health or safety law and discharge, coercing or discrimination.

Part two – employers’ liability insurance – pays for claims brought by third party over actions, loss of care and services, dual capacity and consequential bodily injury.  Some exclusions to part two are punitive or exemplary damages, violation of law, intentional bodily injury, and bodily injury outside the USA or its territories.

Part three – other States insurance – provides coverage in other states for an exposure that is unknown at policy inception but that develops during the policy period.  All states in which ongoing operations are being conducted must be listed on the information page of the policy, except monopolistic states (North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming).

Part four – your duties if injury occurs – notify the insurer at once, provide immediate medical services, assist the insurer in investigating, settling or defending a claim, and promptly forward all notices demand or legal papers.

Part five – premium – explains that the premium is an ‘estimate’ and that the insurer has the right to audit payroll records.  Which typically will occur on after the policy period.

Part six – conditions – inspection of insurer’s workplace does not guarantee safety, right of insurer to cancel by giving proper notice to the insured, long term policy, transfer of your rights and duties and insured is sole representative.

Always read your Workers Compensation policy so your firm has an understanding of the policy.  Your PUI Agency is here to help with questions, please feel free to call or email.

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