What are common requests on Certificates of insurance for Design Professionals?

certificates of insuranceWhat are common requests on certificates of insurance for Design Professionals? There are many items that are requested on certificates of insurance, some that can be accommodated and some that can’t.  Below is a list of some of those requests:

Additional insured on General Liability– this is probably one of the more common requests that Design Professionals will see on certificate of insurance requirements.  Many business owner policies for architects and engineers will have a blanket endorsement and this request can be accommodated.  However, if the client requires that they are on the scheduled list this request many take some time to allow for the carrier to process and possible additional premium.  Many times though this can be added to the certificate of insurance.

Additional insured on Professional Liability – this does get requested but cannot be done.  Your client is not the ‘Professional’ on the policy and therefore cannot be listed on the policy.  The additional insured language can be accomplished on the General Liability.

Primary and non-contributory – this request pertains to the General Liability policy.  Many policies to have this provision on the policy and it can be added to the certificate of insurance.  If this is not a part of your policy check with your agent to find out if and how much primary and non-contributory provision is to add.

General aggregate limit on a per project basis – this will depend on if this provision is included in your policy, if so it can be added to the certificate of insurance.  It may be a minimal premium to add this endorsement if it isn’t already included.

Waiver of Subrogation on Workers Compensation – many times this request can be accommodated because for Design Professionals this is a blanket endorsement on the policy.  If it isn’t included on your firm’s policy then there may be an additional cost on the endorsement.

Umbrella/Excess policy – your firm may already have an umbrella/excess policy in place.  If not be sure to check with your agent to find out if the carrier is able to accommodate this request.

Many of the provisions and languages are included in your policies, however please check with your agent and read your policy so that you know.

Your PUI Agency is here to help with certificates of insurance.  Please call, fax or email your requests.

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