Reporting Claims

Reporting Claims for Architecture and Engineering Firms

What is the process of reporting a claim for your firm?

First and foremost, when reporting a claim, is to report it as soon as possible, this goes for any type of claim with any type of insurance policy.  The sooner the insurance company has the claim the better, they can begin the process on their end to get the claim set up.

After you have reported the claim, if you haven’t already, pull together all of the documents and additional information that the insurance company may request.  This includes contracts, drawings, communication of any kind, and any additional information that may be a part of the file.  The insurance company may not need everything but its better to have all of the information together in case it is requested.

A claims representative will be in contact with your firm to discuss the claim further and to determine the next steps to take.  The insurance company may then determine the best path is to retain an attorney, on your behalf, to handle the claim.  At this point of the claim many things can happen, but the most important step your firm can take is to communicate anything further that your firm finds out or if you receive any additional documentation.  Communication is the key to making sure your claims representative and attorney know how to properly handle the claim.

Some Professional Liability claims may also need to be report it to your General Liability insurance company.  However, this will depend on the claim.  If it is strictly design errors and omissions then it will only need to be reported to the Professional Liability company.

Insurance companies are here to assist with claims for your firm.  The more information that can be provided to the company the better they are able to help.  If you do have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.reporting claims

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