Risk Management Resources for Design Professionals

photo-1453928582365-b6ad33cbcf64Risk Management Resources for Design Professionals

Many Professional Liability insurance companies and outside resources have risk management information for Design Professionals.  It is best to check with your insurance carrier to find out what they do have available.  Here is a list of some of those insurance companies and the resources available.

RLI Insurance Company

RLI offers all insured’s a bi-monthly webinar that also has continuing education credits available with it (DPLE series).  The DPLE series is complimentary if your firm is insured with them and will also provide a savings in your premium.  RLI Insurance Company also offers contract review for insurability.  RLI’s website does offer additional resources.  https://www.rlicorp.com/design-professionals-resources

Victor O. Schinnerer/CNA

Victor O. Schinnerer/CNA has an extensive amount of information available for policyholders on their website including claims studies, contract guides and overall risk management for your firm.  http://schinnerer.com/design-and-construction-risk-management/.  Additionally the insurance company offers monthly webinars for Design Professionals that are insured with them.

Travelers Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance Company has monthly newsletters that are sent out to insured’s.  Additionally, Travelers has quarterly webinars available to insured’s that include continuing education credits and handouts for those in your firm that are not able to attend.  The website also has risk management resources available. https://www.travelers.com/professional-liability-insurance/design-professionals

Many insurance companies will also offer free contract reviews for insurability, newsletters and free pre-claims assistance.

There are also specific risk management companies available for Design Professionals.  They offer a vast amount of services to your firm, sometimes at an additional cost.

Check with your agent for local seminars and the associations also offer risk management information.  Sometimes attorney in the area offer information about risk management or claims studies.  If there is a specific question or topic you are interested in please contact your PUI Agent.

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