Risk Management tips for Design Professionals

Risk Management TipsRisk management tips for Design Professionals.  Below is a list of tips that can help with your risk management program at your firm:

-Good contracts – reviewing the contract at your firm and knowing what your firm is getting into when you sign the contract is important.  In addition to your firm reviewing the contract, have your attorney (for legal issues) and your insurance company (for insurability) review the contract.

-Project and client selection process – it is good to have a check list of items for selecting a project and client.  You don’t want your firm in a situation that you are working with a difficult client or a project type that you are unfamiliar with.

-Sub consultants – a couple items to be aware of with subs.  Make sure you are working with subs that you are familiar with.  Additionally, with regards to insurance, the subs firm should carry the same polices and limits that your firm is required to carry for the contract.  Also, be sure you are getting updated certificates of insurance for the subs to make sure the policies are in force.

-Does your firm have in-house quality control procedures?  – this can be beneficial, especially when you have new hires to make sure everyone at the firm is following the same protocol.  This can eliminated errors or omissions on a project.

-Continuing Education – it is important to make sure your firm’s employees and principals are always getting additional education outside of the office space.  Have your firm attend seminars, risk management webinars, and review any information provided by your insurance company or agent.

-Peer reviews – this tool can be helpful in catching errors or omissions on drawings.  Peer reviews can be a very useful tool for smaller firms that maybe don’t have a lot of employees to check over drawings.

-Document, document, document – not only documenting on the drawings and with email communications but conversations at the job site and on the phone.

PUI Agency is also a great resource for risk management questions and ideas.  Please be sure to contact your agent with questions.

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