Video Games and Architecture – WHAT?!

Video Games and Architecture

Video Games and Architecture

I continue to ask my 12 1/2 year old son that cliche question “What do you want to be?” and I get the same shoulder shrug every time!  How does he NOT know?!  I knew by his age that I loved numbers and wanted to be an accountant, so as a parent this frustrates me.  He’s involved in different clubs at school and plays ice hockey in the community.  He’s around family members that have a vast array of jobs that we all talk about in front of him.  So WHY does he have no clue what he wants to do to earn a living?  Could it be because his interests are too deep into video games?  Is that a bad thing?  Maybe not.

After all, he does get excellent grades, shows great discipline in his after school sport and is well behaved.

See, it seems that some architects are finding themselves on a different path.  One that involves the development of video games!  Video games have become so life-like that it’s sometimes difficult to believe you aren’t watching a movie.  Architects have been hired by video game companies to perfect the accuracy of different buildings, bridges or even whole towns. To make sure that all structures are made from relevant materials based on the time portrayed in the video game. Read more here and here.

While there’s definitely other careers that I can guide him to through the likes of video games (coding, computer engineering, developer) why not architecture?  Job title:  Video Game Architect – I like the sound of that!


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