Should my A/E firm send a certificate of insurance to my clients or no?

Should my architecture/engineering firm send a certificate of insurance to my clients or no?

This is a business decision that your firm will need to make with regards to issuing certificates of insurance.  There are a few schools of thought on the certificate of insurance issuance.

Yes, my firm would like to send certificates of insurance to all clients.  This way they have the information needed on the policies my firm has in place, such as Professional Liability.  Also, it will let your client know that policies are current.

There are times when your firm is required by contract to issue a certificate of insurance and by a specific date.  Also, your client may also hold payment if you do not provide a certificate of insurance.

Some firms may be required to show proof of Workers Compensation policies in place so that your client, in turn, can show that to their insurance company for their Workers Compensation audit.

No, my clients do not need to know what limits and policies terms are in place for my firm.  Some believe this makes your firm a target for claims if it is know how much insurance is in place.

Some architecture/engineering firms will send a specimen certificate of insurance to clients to show that it is in place but they are not a certificate holder.

However, it is suggested that if your firm is working with sub consultants that you should keep up to date certificates of insurance for their insurance policies.

It really is up to your firm if/when you would like certificates of insurance sent.  If you do have a certificate of insurance request please include the name and address of your client for the certificate of insurance.  If you have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.certificate

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