Submitting a Claim for Your Architect/Engineering Firm

Submitting a Claim for Your Architect/Engineering Firm

Depending on the policy there are different pieces of information to gather and submit for a claim.

Professional Liability – You firm may have received a notice of a claim or a verbal demand for money, these are both claims to be submitted.  Call or email your agent or the insurance company to submit your claim.  You will provide the demand information to open the claim.  The insurance company will ask for additional information such as the contract, drawings and any documentation of communication on the project.   It is important to provide all of the information and any other communication from the client or the client’s attorney.

Workers Compensation – If you have an injured employee, even if it is minor, be sure to submit the claim to the insurance company.  Provide your policy number, your firms name, the employees name and date of birth.  The insurance company will also need details of the incident and if the employee sought treatment and where.   Once the claim is opened the claims representative may request additional information.

Business Owner policy – There are a few portions of this policy but the reporting of the claim is similar.  For general and auto liability provide the notice of claim to the insurance company or your agent.  With that you will need to provide any documentation, pictures, witness reports, police reports and any additional information, depending on the case, to the claims representative.  For property claims, submit the detailed information about the property and the damage involved, any pictures of the property and estimates of cost to repair or replace.  Again the claims representative may request additional information.

The important notes on reporting claims are to provide as much information as possible and keep in communication with your claims representative.  Additionally provide contact information for the person handling the claim at your firm.  If you have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.submitting a claim

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