Water Back Up Coverage

Water damage resulting from backed up drains or failed pumps is one of the most common homeowners insurance claims. It’s also the third most costly claim behind fire and liability lawsuits. Many homeowners don’t know that water damage incidents like these are often not covered by a basic home policy. All homeowners have an exposure to water and sewer back and do not need to be in a flood plain for an accident to happen. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are protected from basement to roof with a water backup endorsement.

water back up coverage

Water Back-Up coverage is not the same as Flood Insurance, which can only be purchased through a National Program. Water and sewer back up is when either the main sewer line exiting your house is clogged and backs up into your home or the French drains fill up and damage your basement carpeting and walls etc. or your sump pump stopped working and also causes water damage. But both Flood and Water Back-up are specifically excluded under any standard homeowners insurance policy or property insurance policy. Watre Back-Cup coverage is generally able to be bought back usually for some sub-limit of coverage. The premium is quite reasonable. Most endorsements are less than $50 for the base limits. Contact your agent at Professional Underwriters to discuss your options today!