Professional Liability Claim?

What does my design firm do in the event of a Professional Liability claim? There are several steps in the claims process for Professional Liability.

The first step is report the claim to your Professional Liability insurance company or your insurance agent.  Report the initial notice of claim that your firm has received as soon as possible.  Do not wait to report the claim, notify the company or agent right away.  If you are not sure if it is a Professional Liability or a General Liability claim report the claim to both insurance companies if they are different.

The next step is to gather information with regards to the project or alleged claim.  Collect emails, drawings, contracts and any additional communication with regards to the claims notice.

A claims representative from the insurance company will be in contact with your firm to discuss the notice of claim.  They may ask for additional information and documentation with regards to the notice.  Provide the information as promptly as possible so that the claims representative can give guidance on the claim.

The claims representative, depending on the level of the notice of claim, will set your firm up a local attorney to assist in the matter.  The attorney will call and discuss the matter and potentially set a meeting about the claim.

Once your firm is set with an attorney, they may write a letter in response to the notice of claim.  There are many ways a claim can go at this point depending on the demand on the initial claim.  There may not be any further action after the initial letter is sent from the attorney.  There may be an additional investigation on the claim.  It’s possible the attorney will advise your firm to settle or your firm may be asked to go to court.

Most important to remember is that the while the claim process can be stressful there are many folks on your side to help out; your insurance agent, the claims representative from the insurance company and your attorney.

If you have questions regarding the claims processes please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.

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