Significance of a certificate of insurance for a certificate holder

Significance of a certificate of insurance for a certificate holder

As an architect/engineer your clients may ask for proof of your insurance policies, such as Professional Liability, General Liability and Workers Compensation.

The certificate of insurance provides information about the insurance policies that your firm has in place.  The information provided on the certificate is the policy numbers, effective dates, limits of liability, insurance company and types of insurance.

Occasionally, the certificate of insurance will provide additional insured language on the General Liability policy in the description of operations box.  This box may also include language for waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory.  The project name and number can also be included in the description of operations box.

The certificate holder box is at the bottom of the certificate of insurance.   This will list your firm’s client name and address.  This is important so that if the policy does cancel before the expiration date the certificate holder will be provided notice.

Many times the ‘specimen’ certificate of insurance will be used for providing information on request for proposals.  This is provided to your firm’s prospective client to show the policies in place and the limits on those specific policies meet the contract requirements.

Keep in mind that the certificate of insurance does not provide the details that the actual policy does.  The policy is ultimately the contract that will be referred to when determining a claim.  The certificate of insurance is an information piece for your firm and your clients.

If you have questions regarding the certificate of insurance or need any additional information please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.certificate of insurance

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