Workers’ Compensation Audits for Architects/Engineers

Workers’ compensation audits for architects/engineers-

At the end of the policy period the insurance company will request paperwork to complete an audit on the workers compensation policy.  The reason the audit is requested is because the policy, when first renewed, is an estimate.  The audit is requested at the end of the policy period to determine the actual salaries and job titles.  The audit may result in an additional premium or return premium depending on the changes with your firm during the policy period.

If your firm does not complete the audit paperwork the insurance company will automatically have an estimated audit.  Typically, this includes increases in the salaries for the policy period.


If you do not allow us to examine and audit all of your records that relate to this policy, and/or do not provide audit information as requested, we may apply an Audit Noncompliance Charge. The method for determining the Audit Noncompliance Charge by state, where applicable, is shown in the Schedule below.

If you allow us to examine and audit all of your records after we have applied an Audit Noncompliance Charge, we will revise your premium in accordance with our manuals and Part 5—Premium, E. (Final Premium) of this policy.

Failure to cooperate with this policy provision may result in the cancellation of your insurance coverage, as specified under the policy.

The workers compensation audit may also generate an endorsement change to the current policy period.  If your firm has an increase or decrease in salaries the insurance company may change the current policy period to be in line with the salaries your firm currently has.

The workers compensation audit paperwork that will be requested at the end of the policy period and will be based on the policy period, not a fiscal year.  For example, if your policy period is 9/1/2021-9/1/2022 this is the time period the audit will be based on.

If you have any questions about a workers compensation audit, please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.workers' compensation audits

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