Protecting Your Valuable Gifts

That valuable gift you received could take weeks or months worth of income to replace if you are a victim of theft, natural disaster or other unforeseen events. Most homeowners insurance comes with a limited amount of protection for valuable items. For…

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Give Back: Adopt-a Family at Christmas!

Give Back: Adopt-a Family at Christmas! Professional Underwriters has partnered with the Novi Youth Assistance to participate in their Adopt-a-Family program this Christmas.  We’ve been proudly donating new toys, clothes and household items to less fortunate families since 2009.  Not only…

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Videoconferencing and Professional Liability Exposures

Videoconferencing Can Raise Professional Liability Exposures Design firms have changed their practice management procedures because of pandemic-related restrictions placed on office settings, travel, and in-person meetings with clients, government offices, contractors, and others involved in putting a capital asset in…

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